What happens if there is a strong magnetic star entering the solar system?

The strong magnetic star is the most energetic object in the universe and is the largest rotating magnet ever existed.

What happens if there is a strong magnetic star entering the solar system?

The strong magnetic star is the most energetic object in the universe and is the largest rotating magnet ever existed.

It acts like a big shark in the universe, but it won’t eat you, it will only turn all the atoms into ashes…

If you think that neutron stars are big and terrible, you are the more energetic star sisters you haven’t heard of yet. Like the neutron star, the strong magnetic star is also a remnant of the supernova explosion.

Compared with neutron stars, strong magnetic stars only carry more substances. Their density is so high that a single teaspoon of strong magnetic stars can reach a billion tons. They are also the most magnetic of the stars we know.

We measure the strength of the magnetic field in Gauss. The Earth’s magnetic field strength is only about 0.6 Gauss. The magnetic field strength of the refrigerator is 10 gauss. At present, the magnetic field strength of the most energetic magnet on the earth is about 410,000 Gauss.

The magnetic field strength of a strong magnetic star is as high as one trillion gauss, that is, 1 followed by 15 zero orders of magnitude.

How long does it take for such a stellar monster to crush our planet into pieces?

If a strong magnetic quietly does its own thing in the galaxy, then this will not be the worst thing in the world. But if it stops doing its own thing, there are two ways in which a strong magnetic star can destroy all life on Earth and the Earth itself.

Strong magnetic stars can be very close to the Earth. When it is about the middle of the moon and the earth, you will begin to feel its presence. At this distance, the strong magnetic star can even erase the information on your credit card magnetic strip.

Whatever you do, try not to be less than 1000 kilometers (620 miles) from a cosmic intruder. Because if you do this, your atoms will be stretched to deformation. Your bioelectric field will be disturbed and your molecular structure will be destroyed. Then your body will disappear.

Or, a strong magnetic star can destroy us from a farther place. It seems that it is not enough as the largest rotating magnet in the universe, and a strong magnetic star can be affected by something called a starburst.

When a star’s crust ruptures, it releases a large amount of radiation into space, which is what happens when a starburst occurs. This radiation explosion can compress the magnetic field on Earth and even partially ionize the Earth’s atmosphere from 50,000 light-years away from Earth.

We know this because at least once we have been close to a strong magnet. In 2004, gamma rays from strong magnetic stars arrived from our Milky Way outside our planet. In just one-fifth of a second, it releases more energy than our sun has released in the past 250,000 years.

If you move that strong magnetic star and starburst to a distance 10,000 light years away from us, things will get worse. First, it will destroy our ozone layer. Then it will hit most of the creatures on the surface of the earth and destroy all life we know.

The scary thing about this is that we don’t even know that the magnetic star is approaching us step by step. It’s like “a blink of an eye, you come”.


What happens if there is a strong magnetic star entering the solar system?

I won’t deceive you. There are already strong magnetic stars close enough to us. If there is a strong star shock now, we will all be cleared soon.

40 years ago, when scientists began searching for these interstellar monsters, they did not realize how many strong magnetic stars existed. In fact, most of the strong magnetic stars will not last more than 10,000 years, which may give you a little comfort.

When they have spent a short life, they become neutron stars – still dense, still magnetic, but not as dangerous as strong magnetic stars.

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